• Description:

Radon is a radioactive gas that enters homes through contact points with the ground. It is a carcinogen that is the primary cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Radon levels vary greatly from household to household. This dataset contains measured radon levels in U.S homes by county and state. The 'activity' label is the measured radon concentration in pCi/L. Important predictors are 'floor' (the floor of the house in which the measurement was taken), 'county' (the U.S. county in which the house is located), and 'Uppm' (a measurement of uranium level of the soil by county).

Split Examples
'train' 12,573
  • Feature structure:
    'activity': float32,
    'features': FeaturesDict({
        'Uppm': float32,
        'adjwt': float32,
        'basement': string,
        'cntyfips': int32,
        'county': string,
        'dupflag': int32,
        'floor': int32,
        'idnum': int32,
        'lat': float32,
        'lon': float32,
        'pcterr': float32,
        'region': int32,
        'rep': int32,
        'room': int32,
        'startdt': int32,
        'starttm': int32,
        'state': string,
        'state2': string,
        'stfips': int32,
        'stopdt': int32,
        'stoptm': int32,
        'stratum': int32,
        'typebldg': int32,
        'wave': int32,
        'windoor': string,
        'zip': int32,
        'zipflag': int32,
  • Feature documentation:
Feature Class Shape Dtype Description
activity Tensor float32
features FeaturesDict
features/Uppm Tensor float32
features/adjwt Tensor float32
features/basement Tensor string
features/cntyfips Tensor int32
features/county Tensor string
features/dupflag Tensor int32
features/floor Tensor int32
features/idnum Tensor int32
features/lat Tensor float32
features/lon Tensor float32
features/pcterr Tensor float32
features/region Tensor int32
features/rep Tensor int32
features/room Tensor int32
features/startdt Tensor int32
features/starttm Tensor int32
features/state Tensor string
features/state2 Tensor string
features/stfips Tensor int32
features/stopdt Tensor int32
features/stoptm Tensor int32
features/stratum Tensor int32
features/typebldg Tensor int32
features/wave Tensor int32
features/windoor Tensor string
features/zip Tensor int32
features/zipflag Tensor int32
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