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Identifying parallel sentences in comparable corpora. Given two sentence-split monolingual corpora, participant systems are expected to identify pairs of sentences that are translations of each other.

The BUCC mining task is a shared task on parallel sentence extraction from two monolingual corpora with a subset of them assumed to be parallel, and that has been available since 2016. For each language pair, the shared task provides a monolingual corpus for each language and a gold mapping list containing true translation pairs. These pairs are the ground truth. The task is to construct a list of translation pairs from the monolingual corpora. The constructed list is compared to the ground truth, and evaluated in terms of the F1 measure.

    'source_id': Text(shape=(), dtype=string),
    'source_sentence': Text(shape=(), dtype=string),
    'target_id': Text(shape=(), dtype=string),
    'target_sentence': Text(shape=(), dtype=string),
  • Feature documentation:
Feature Class Shape Dtype Description
source_id Text string
source_sentence Text string
target_id Text string
target_sentence Text string
  title={Overview of the third BUCC shared task: Spotting parallel sentences  in comparable corpora},
  author={Zweigenbaum, Pierre and Sharoff, Serge and Rapp, Reinhard},
  booktitle={Proceedings of 11th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora},

bucc/bucc_de (default config)

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