• Description:

Open Images is a dataset of ~9M images that have been annotated with image-level labels and object bounding boxes.

The training set of V4 contains 14.6M bounding boxes for 600 object classes on 1.74M images, making it the largest existing dataset with object location annotations. The boxes have been largely manually drawn by professional annotators to ensure accuracy and consistency. The images are very diverse and often contain complex scenes with several objects (8.4 per image on average). Moreover, the dataset is annotated with image-level labels spanning thousands of classes.

Split Examples
'test' 125,436
'train' 1,743,042
'validation' 41,620
  • Feature structure:
    'bobjects': Sequence({
        'bbox': BBoxFeature(shape=(4,), dtype=float32),
        'is_depiction': int8,
        'is_group_of': int8,
        'is_inside': int8,
        'is_occluded': int8,
        'is_truncated': int8,
        'label': ClassLabel(shape=(), dtype=int64, num_classes=601),
        'source': ClassLabel(shape=(), dtype=int64, num_classes=6),
    'image': Image(shape=(None, None, 3), dtype=uint8),
    'image/filename': Text(shape=(), dtype=string),
    'objects': Sequence({
        'confidence': int32,
        'label': ClassLabel(shape=(), dtype=int64, num_classes=19995),
        'source': ClassLabel(shape=(), dtype=int64, num_classes=6),
    'objects_trainable': Sequence({
        'confidence': int32,
        'label': ClassLabel(shape=(), dtype=int64, num_classes=7186),
        'source': ClassLabel(shape=(), dtype=int64, num_classes=6),
  • Feature documentation:
Feature Class Shape Dtype Description
bobjects Sequence
bobjects/bbox BBoxFeature (4,) float32
bobjects/is_depiction Tensor int8
bobjects/is_group_of Tensor int8
bobjects/is_inside Tensor int8
bobjects/is_occluded Tensor int8
bobjects/is_truncated Tensor int8
bobjects/label ClassLabel int64
bobjects/source ClassLabel int64
image Image (None, None, 3) uint8
image/filename Text string
objects Sequence
objects/confidence Tensor int32
objects/label ClassLabel int64
objects/source ClassLabel int64
objects_trainable Sequence
objects_trainable/confidence Tensor int32
objects_trainable/label ClassLabel int64
objects_trainable/source ClassLabel int64
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open_images_v4/original (default config)

  • Config description: Images at their original resolution and quality.

  • Dataset size: 562.42 GiB

  • Figure (tfds.show_examples):



  • Config description: Images have roughly 300,000 pixels, at 72 JPEG quality.

  • Dataset size: 81.92 GiB

  • Figure (tfds.show_examples):



  • Config description: Images have roughly 200,000 pixels, at 72 JPEG quality.

  • Dataset size: 60.70 GiB

  • Figure (tfds.show_examples):