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Module: tf_agents.bandits.policies

Module importing all policies.


bernoulli_thompson_sampling_policy module: Policy for Bernoulli Thompson Sampling.

boltzmann_reward_prediction_policy module: Policy for reward prediction and boltzmann exploration.

categorical_policy module: Policy that chooses actions based on a categorical distribution.

constraints module: An API for representing constraints.

greedy_multi_objective_neural_policy module: Policy for greedy multi-objective prediction.

greedy_reward_prediction_policy module: Policy for greedy reward prediction.

lin_ucb_policy module: Linear UCB Policy.

linalg module: Utility code for linear algebra functions.

linear_bandit_policy module: Linear Bandit Policy.

linear_thompson_sampling_policy module: Linear Thompson Sampling Policy.

loss_utils module: Loss utility code.

mixture_policy module: A policy class that chooses from a set of policies to get the actions from.

neural_linucb_policy module: Neural + LinUCB Policy.