Module: tf_agents.distributions.utils

Utilities related to distributions.


class DistributionSpecV2: Describes a tfp.distribution.Distribution using nested parameters.

class Params: The (recursive) parameters of objects exposing the parameters property.

class SquashToSpecNormal: Scales an input normalized action distribution to match spec bounds.


assert_specs_are_compatible(...): Checks that the output of network.create_variables matches a spec.

get_parameters(...): Creates a recursive Params object from value.

make_from_parameters(...): Creates an instance of type value.type_ with the parameters in value.

merge_to_parameters_from_dict(...): Merges dict matching data of parameters_to_dict(value) to a new Params.

parameters_to_dict(...): Converts value to a nested dict (excluding all type_ info).

scale_distribution_to_spec(...): Scales the given distribution to the bounds of the given spec.

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