Index into q_values using actions.

q_values A float tensor of shape [outer_dim1, ... outer_dimK, action_dim1, ..., action_dimJ].
actions An int tensor of shape [outer_dim1, ... outer_dimK] if multi_dim_actions=False [outer_dim1, ... outer_dimK, J] if multi_dim_actions=True I.e. in the multidimensional case, actions[outer_dim1, ... outer_dimK] is a vector [actions_1, ..., actions_J] where each element actions_j is an action in the range [0, num_actions_j). While in the single dimensional case, actions[outer_dim1, ... outer_dimK] is a scalar.
multi_dim_actions whether the actions are multidimensional.

A [outer_dim1, ... outer_dimK] tensor of q_values for the given actions.

ValueError If actions have unknown rank.