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Module: tfx.components

Subpackage for TFX components.


base module

bulk_inferrer module

common_nodes module

evaluator module

example_gen module

example_validator module

experimental module

infra_validator module

model_validator module

pusher module

schema_gen module

statistics_gen module

testdata module

trainer module

transform module

tuner module

util module


class BulkInferrer: A TFX component to do batch inference on a model with unlabelled examples.

class CsvExampleGen: Official TFX CsvExampleGen component.

class Evaluator: A TFX component to evaluate models trained by a TFX Trainer component.

class ExampleValidator: A TFX component to validate input examples.

class FileBasedExampleGen: A TFX component to ingest examples from a file system.

class ImportExampleGen: Official TFX ImportExampleGen component.

class InfraValidator: A TFX component to validate the model against the serving infrastructure.

class ModelValidator: DEPRECATED: Please use Evaluator instead.

class Pusher: A TFX component to push validated TensorFlow models to a model serving platform.

class ResolverNode: Deprecated ResolverNode alias constructor.

class SchemaGen: A TFX SchemaGen component to generate a schema from the training data.

class StatisticsGen: Official TFX StatisticsGen component.

class Trainer: A TFX component to train a TensorFlow model.

class Transform: A TFX component to transform the input examples.

class Tuner: A TFX component for model hyperparameter tuning.