Definition for TFX Importer.

Inherits From: BaseNode

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The Importer is a special TFX node which registers an external resource into MLMD so that downstream nodes can use the registered artifact as an input.

Here is an example to use the Importer:

importer = Importer(
schema_gen = SchemaGen(

source_uri the URI of the resource that needs to be registered.
artifact_type the type of the artifact to import.
reimport whether or not to re-import as a new artifact if the URI has been imported in before.
properties Dictionary of properties for the imported Artifact. These properties should be ones declared for the given artifact_type (see the PROPERTIES attribute of the definition of the type for details).
custom_properties Dictionary of custom properties for the imported Artifact. These properties should be of type Text or int.
output_key The key to use for the imported artifact in the Importer's output dictionary. Defaults to 'result'.

outputs Output Channel dict that contains imported artifacts.