Module: tfx.v1.orchestration.experimental

TFX orchestration.experimental module.


class FinalStatusStr: FinalStatusStr: is the type for parameter receiving PipelineTaskFinalStatus.

class KubeflowDagRunner: Kubeflow Pipelines runner.

class KubeflowDagRunnerConfig: Runtime configuration parameters specific to execution on Kubeflow.

class KubeflowV2DagRunner: Kubeflow V2 pipeline runner (currently for managed pipelines).

class KubeflowV2DagRunnerConfig: Runtime configuration specific to execution on Kubeflow V2 pipelines.


exit_handler(...): Creates an exit handler from a typehint-annotated Python function.

get_default_kubeflow_metadata_config(...): Returns the default metadata connection config for Kubeflow.