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Options for TFXIO's RecordBatches.

batch_size An int representing the number of records to combine in a single batch.
drop_final_batch If True, and the batch size does not evenly divide the input dataset size, the final smaller batch will be dropped. Defaults to False.
num_epochs Integer specifying the number of times to read through the dataset. If None, cycles through the dataset forever. Defaults to None.
shuffle A boolean, indicates whether the input should be shuffled. Defaults to True.
shuffle_buffer_size Buffer size of the items to shuffle. The size is the number of items (i.e. records for a record based TFXIO) to hold. Only data read into the buffer will be shuffled (there is no shuffling across buffers). A large capacity ensures better shuffling but would increase memory usage and startup time.
shuffle_seed Randomization seed to use for shuffling.