Returns a Placeholder that represents an input artifact.

key The key of the input artifact.

A Placeholder that supports

  1. Rendering the whole MLMD artifact proto as text_format. Example: input('model')
  2. Accessing a specific index using [index], if multiple artifacts are associated with the given key. If not specified, default to the first artifact. Example: input('model')[0]
  3. Getting the URI of an artifact through .uri property. Example: input('model').uri or input('model')[0].uri
  4. Getting the URI of a specific split of an artifact using .split_uri(split_name) method. Example: input('examples')[0].split_uri('train')
  5. Getting the value of a primitive artifact through .value property. Example: input('primitive').value
  6. Concatenating with other placeholders or strings. Example: input('model').uri + '/model/' + exec_property('version')