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Returns a bucketized column, with a bucket index assigned to each input.

x A numeric input Tensor or CompositeTensor with rank 1, whose values should be mapped to buckets. CompositeTensors will have their non-missing values mapped and missing values left as missing.
key A Tensor or CompositeTensor with the same shape as x and dtype tf.string. If x is a CompositeTensor, key must exactly match x in everything except values, i.e. indices and dense_shape or nested row splits must be identical.
num_buckets Values in the input x are divided into approximately equal-sized buckets, where the number of buckets is num_buckets.
epsilon (Optional) see bucketize.
name (Optional) A name for this operation.

A Tensor or CompositeTensor of the same shape as x, with each element in the returned tensor representing the bucketized value. Bucketized value is in the range [0, actual_num_buckets). If the computed key vocabulary doesn't have an entry for key then the resulting bucket is -1.

ValueError If value of num_buckets is not > 1.