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tensorflow:: ops:: BarrierInsertMany

#include <data_flow_ops.h>

For each key, assigns the respective value to the specified component.


If a key is not found in the barrier, this operation will create a new incomplete element. If a key is found in the barrier, and the element already has a value at component_index, this operation will fail with INVALID_ARGUMENT, and leave the barrier in an undefined state.


  • scope: A Scope object
  • handle: The handle to a barrier.
  • keys: A one-dimensional tensor of keys, with length n.
  • values: An any-dimensional tensor of values, which are associated with the respective keys. The 0th dimension must have length n.
  • component_index: The component of the barrier elements that is being assigned.


Constructors and Destructors

BarrierInsertMany (const :: tensorflow::Scope & scope, :: tensorflow::Input handle, :: tensorflow::Input keys, :: tensorflow::Input values, int64 component_index)

Public attributes


Public functions

operator::tensorflow::Operation () const

Public attributes


Operation operation

Public functions


  const ::tensorflow::Scope & scope,
  ::tensorflow::Input handle,
  ::tensorflow::Input keys,
  ::tensorflow::Input values,
  int64 component_index


 operator::tensorflow::Operation() const