tensorflow:: ops:: SaveSlices

#include <io_ops.h>

Saves input tensors slices to disk.


This is like Save except that tensors can be listed in the saved file as being a slice of a larger tensor. shapes_and_slices specifies the shape of the larger tensor and the slice that this tensor covers. shapes_and_slices must have as many elements as tensor_names .

Elements of the shapes_and_slices input must either be:

  • The empty string, in which case the corresponding tensor is saved normally.
  • A string of the form dim0 dim1 ... dimN-1 slice-spec where the dimI are the dimensions of the larger tensor and slice-spec specifies what part is covered by the tensor to save.

slice-spec itself is a : -separated list: slice0:slice1:...:sliceN-1 where each sliceI is either:

  • The string - meaning that the slice covers all indices of this dimension
  • start,length where start and length are integers. In that case the slice covers length indices starting at start .

See also Save .


  • scope: A Scope object
  • filename: Must have a single element. The name of the file to which we write the tensor.
  • tensor_names: Shape [N] . The names of the tensors to be saved.
  • shapes_and_slices: Shape [N] . The shapes and slice specifications to use when saving the tensors.
  • data: N tensors to save.


Constructors and Destructors

SaveSlices (const :: tensorflow::Scope & scope, :: tensorflow::Input filename, :: tensorflow::Input tensor_names, :: tensorflow::Input shapes_and_slices, :: tensorflow::InputList data)

Public attributes


Public functions

operator::tensorflow::Operation () const

Public attributes


Operation operation

Public functions


  const ::tensorflow::Scope & scope,
  ::tensorflow::Input filename,
  ::tensorflow::Input tensor_names,
  ::tensorflow::Input shapes_and_slices,
  ::tensorflow::InputList data


 operator::tensorflow::Operation() const