Returns the default writers for use in WriteResults.

Note, sharding will be enabled by default if an output_file_format is provided. Filenames will be -SSSSS-of-NNNNN. where SSSSS is the shard number and NNNNN is the number of shards.

output_path Output path.
eval_shared_model Optional shared model (single-model evaluation) or list of shared models (multi-model evaluation). Required unless the predictions are provided alongside of the features (i.e. model-agnostic evaluations).
eval_config Eval config for writing out config along with results. Also used for to check for missing slices.
display_only_data_location Optional path indicating where the examples were read from. This is used only for display purposes - data will not actually be read from this path.
display_only_data_file_format Optional format of the input examples. This is used only for display purposes.
output_file_format File format to use when saving files. Currently only 'tfrecord' is supported.
add_metric_callbacks Optional list of metric callbacks (if used).