Module: tfma.utils

Init module for TensorFlow Model Analysis utils.


class CombineFnWithModels: Abstract class for CombineFns that need the shared models.

class DoFnWithModels: Abstract class for DoFns that need the shared models.


calculate_confidence_interval(...): Calculate confidence intervals based 95% confidence level.

compound_key(...): Returns a compound key based on a list of keys.

create_keys_key(...): Creates secondary key representing the sparse keys associated with key.

create_values_key(...): Creates secondary key representing sparse values associated with key.

get_baseline_model_spec(...): Returns baseline model spec.

get_by_keys(...): Returns value with given key(s) in (possibly multi-level) dict.

get_model_spec(...): Returns model spec with given model name.

get_model_type(...): Returns model type for given model spec taking into account defaults.

get_non_baseline_model_specs(...): Returns non-baseline model specs.

has_change_threshold(...): Checks whether the eval_config has any change thresholds.

merge_extracts(...): Merges list of extracts into a single extract with multidimensional data.

model_construct_fn(...): Returns function for constructing shared models.

unique_key(...): Returns a unique key given a list of current keys.

update_eval_config_with_defaults(...): Returns a new config with default settings applied.

verify_and_update_eval_shared_models(...): Verifies eval shared models and normnalizes to produce a single list.

verify_eval_config(...): Verifies eval config.