TensorFlow Serving C++ API Reference



tensorflow::serving::AspiredVersionPolicy An interface for the policy to be applied for transitioning servable versions in a servable stream.
tensorflow::serving::AspiredVersionPolicy::ServableAction Action and the id of the servable associated with it.
tensorflow::serving::AspiredVersionsManager A manager that implements the Target<Loader> API which uses aspired-versions callbacks to dictate which servable versions to load.
tensorflow::serving::AspiredVersionsManager::Options Config options and pluggable objects that will be used by the AspiredVersionsManager.
tensorflow::serving::AspiredVersionsManagerBuilder Builds an AspiredVersionsManager with options and sources connected to it.
tensorflow::serving::BasicManager Helps manage the lifecycle of servables including loading, serving and unloading them.
tensorflow::serving::BasicManager::Options Config options and pluggable objects that will be used by the BasicManager.
tensorflow::serving::CachingManager A manager that manages and loads servables on-demand.
tensorflow::serving::CachingManager::LoaderFactory An abstraction for a loader-factory to map from a servable request to the corresponding loader.
tensorflow::serving::CachingManager::Options Config options and pluggable objects that will be used by the CachingManager.
tensorflow::serving::ClassifierInterface Model-type agnostic interface for performing classification.
tensorflow::serving::FileSystemStoragePathSource A storage path source that aspires versions for a given set of servables.
tensorflow::serving::Loader A standardized abstraction for an object that manages the lifecycle of a servable, including loading and unloading it.
tensorflow::serving::Loader::Metadata The metadata consists of the ServableId.
tensorflow::serving::LoaderHarness LoaderHarness is a widget the Manager uses to hold on to and talk to a Loader while it owns it.
tensorflow::serving::LoaderHarness::Options Options to configure a LoaderHarness.
tensorflow::serving::Manager Manager is responsible for loading, unloading, lookup and lifetime management of all Servable objects via their Loaders.
tensorflow::serving::PathPrefixLoaderFactory A simple LoaderFactory that looks for a servable at a path formed by concatenating a fixed path prefix with the servable's name.
tensorflow::serving::RegressorInterface Model agnostic interface for performing regression.
tensorflow::serving::ResourceUnsafeLoader A Loader that is oblivious to resources.
tensorflow::serving::SavedModelBundleFactory A factory that creates SavedModelBundles from SavedModel or SessionBundle export paths.
tensorflow::serving::ServableHandle A smart pointer to the underlying servable object T retrieved from the Loader.
tensorflow::serving::ServableStateMonitor A utility that listens to an EventBus<ServableState>, and keeps track of the state of each servable mentioned on the bus.
tensorflow::serving::ServerCore ServerCore contains state and helper methods enabling the building of ModelServers that support multiple interfaces.
tensorflow::serving::ServerCore::Options Options for configuring a ServerCore object.
tensorflow::serving::ServingSession A Session that blocks state-changing methods such as Close(), while allowing Run() for read-only access (not enforced).
tensorflow::serving::ServingSessionWrapper A ServingSession that wraps a given Session, and blocks all calls other than Run().
tensorflow::serving::SharedPtrHandle An implementation of UntypedServableHandle using shared_ptr to do ref-counting on the Loader that owns the Servable.
tensorflow::serving::Source An abstraction for a module that sources servables to load, or, more precisely, handles to data that can be used to load those servables.
tensorflow::serving::SourceAdapter An abstraction for a module that receives aspired-version callbacks with data of type InputType and converts them into calls with data of type OutputType.
tensorflow::serving::UntypedServableHandle A non-templatized handle to a servable, used internally in the Manager to retrieve a type-erased servable object from the Loader.


tensorflow::serving::AspiredServableStateSnapshot A snapshot of a servable's state and aspiredness.
tensorflow::serving::ServableRequest A query for a specific loaded servable object.