#include <io_ops.h>

Restores tensors from a V2 checkpoint.


For backward compatibility with the V1 format, this Op currently allows restoring from a V1 checkpoint as well:

  • This Op first attempts to find the V2 index file pointed to by "prefix", and if found proceed to read it as a V2 checkpoint;
  • Otherwise the V1 read path is invoked. Relying on this behavior is not recommended, as the ability to fall back to read V1 might be deprecated and eventually removed.

By default, restores the named tensors in full. If the caller wishes to restore specific slices of stored tensors, "shape_and_slices" should be non-empty strings and correspondingly well-formed.

Callers must ensure all the named tensors are indeed stored in the checkpoint.


  • scope: A Scope object
  • prefix: Must have a single element. The prefix of a V2 checkpoint.
  • tensor_names: shape {N}. The names of the tensors to be restored.
  • shape_and_slices: shape {N}. The slice specs of the tensors to be restored. Empty strings indicate that they are non-partitioned tensors.
  • dtypes: shape {N}. The list of expected dtype for the tensors. Must match those stored in the checkpoint.


  • OutputList: shape {N}. The restored tensors, whose shapes are read from the checkpoint directly.

Constructors and Destructors

RestoreV2(const ::tensorflow::Scope & scope, ::tensorflow::Input prefix, ::tensorflow::Input tensor_names, ::tensorflow::Input shape_and_slices, const DataTypeSlice & dtypes)

Public attributes


Public functions

operator[](size_t index) const

Public attributes


Operation operation


::tensorflow::OutputList tensors

Public functions


  const ::tensorflow::Scope & scope,
  ::tensorflow::Input prefix,
  ::tensorflow::Input tensor_names,
  ::tensorflow::Input shape_and_slices,
  const DataTypeSlice & dtypes


::tensorflow::Output operator[](
  size_t index
) const