Module: tfm.hyperparams

Hyperparams package definition.


base_config module: Base configurations to standardize experiments.

oneof module: Config class that supports oneof functionality.

params_dict module: A parameter dictionary class which supports the nest structure.


class Config: The base configuration class that supports YAML/JSON based overrides.

class OneOfConfig: Configuration for configs with one of feature.

class ParamsDict: A hyperparameter container class.


bind(...): Bind a class to config cls.

nested_csv_str_to_json_str(...): Converts a nested (using '.') comma-separated k=v string to a JSON string.

override_params_dict(...): Override a given ParamsDict using a dict, JSON/YAML/CSV string or YAML file.

read_yaml_to_params_dict(...): Reads a YAML file to a ParamsDict.

save_params_dict_to_yaml(...): Saves the input ParamsDict to a YAML file.