Applies Shear Transformation to the image and shifts the bboxes.

image 3D uint8 Tensor.
bboxes 2D Tensor that is a list of the bboxes in the image. Each bbox has 4 elements (min_y, min_x, max_y, max_x) of type float with values between [0, 1].
level Float. How much to shear the image. This value will be between -0.3 to 0.3.
replace A one or three value 1D tensor to fill empty pixels.
shear_horizontal Boolean. If true then shear in X dimension else shear in the Y dimension.

A tuple containing a 3D uint8 Tensor that will be the result of shearing image by level. The second element of the tuple is bboxes, where now the coordinates will be shifted to reflect the sheared image.

ValueError If applied to video.