Resize image with size and max_size.

image the image to be resized.
size if list to tuple, resize to it. If scalar, we keep the same aspect ratio and resize the short side to the value.
max_size only used when size is a scalar. When the larger side is larger than max_size after resized with size we used max_size to keep the aspect ratio instead.
method the method argument passed to tf.image.resize.

the resized image and image_info to be used for downstream processing.
image_info a 2D Tensor that encodes the information of the image and the applied preprocessing. It is in the format of [[original_height, original_width], [resized_height, resized_width], [y_scale, x_scale], [0, 0]], where [resized_height, resized_width] is the actual scaled image size, and [y_scale, x_scale] is the scaling factor, which is the ratio of scaled dimension / original dimension.