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Type specification for a tf.IndexedSlices.

Inherits From: TypeSpec

shape The dense shape of the IndexedSlices, or None to allow any dense shape.
dtype tf.DType of values in the IndexedSlices.
indices_dtype tf.DType of the indices in the IndexedSlices. One of tf.int32 or tf.int64.
dense_shape_dtype tf.DType of the dense_shape in the IndexedSlices. One of tf.int32, tf.int64, or None (if the IndexedSlices has no dense_shape tensor).
indices_shape The shape of the indices component, which indicates how many slices are in the IndexedSlices.




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Returns true if spec_or_value is compatible with this TypeSpec.


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Returns the most specific TypeSpec compatible with self and other.

other A TypeSpec.

ValueError If there is no TypeSpec that is compatible with both self and other.


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Return self==value.


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Return self!=value.