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Log provided 'op_log', and add additional model information below.

The API also assigns ops in tf.compat.v1.trainable_variables() an op type called '_trainable_variables'. The API also logs 'flops' statistics for ops with op.RegisterStatistics() defined. flops calculation depends on Tensor shapes defined in 'graph', which might not be complete. 'run_meta', if provided, completes the shape information with best effort.

graph tf.Graph. If None and eager execution is not enabled, use default graph.
log_dir directory to write the log file.
op_log (Optional) OpLogProto proto to be written. If not provided, an new one is created.
run_meta (Optional) RunMetadata proto that helps flops computation using run time shape information.
add_trace Whether to add python code trace information. Used to support "code" view.