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Transposes a SparseTensor

The returned tensor's dimension i will correspond to the input dimension perm[i]. If perm is not given, it is set to (n-1...0), where n is the rank of the input tensor. Hence by default, this operation performs a regular matrix transpose on 2-D input Tensors.

For example, if sp_input has shape [4, 5] and indices / values:

[0, 3]: b
[0, 1]: a
[3, 1]: d
[2, 0]: c

then the output will be a SparseTensor of shape [5, 4] and indices / values:

[0, 2]: c
[1, 0]: a
[1, 3]: d
[3, 0]: b

sp_input The input SparseTensor.
perm A permutation of the dimensions of sp_input.
name A name prefix for the returned tensors (optional)

A transposed SparseTensor.

TypeError If sp_input is not a SparseTensor.