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Summarizes textual data.

Text data summarized via this plugin will be visible in the Text Dashboard in TensorBoard. The standard TensorBoard Text Dashboard will render markdown in the strings, and will automatically organize 1d and 2d tensors into tables. If a tensor with more than 2 dimensions is provided, a 2d subarray will be displayed along with a warning message. (Note that this behavior is not intrinsic to the text summary api, but rather to the default TensorBoard text plugin.)

name A name for the generated node. Will also serve as a series name in TensorBoard.
tensor a string-type Tensor to summarize.
collections Optional list of ops.GraphKeys. The collections to add the summary to. Defaults to [_ops.GraphKeys.SUMMARIES]

A TensorSummary op that is configured so that TensorBoard will recognize that it contains textual data. The TensorSummary is a scalar Tensor of type string which contains Summary protobufs.

ValueError If tensor has the wrong type.