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Options used for manipulating TFRecord files.

compression_type "GZIP", "ZLIB", or "" (no compression).
flush_mode flush mode or None, Default: Z_NO_FLUSH.
input_buffer_size int or None.
output_buffer_size int or None.
window_bits int or None.
compression_level 0 to 9, or None.
compression_method compression method or None.
mem_level 1 to 9, or None.
compression_strategy strategy or None. Default: Z_DEFAULT_STRATEGY.

ValueError If compression_type is invalid.



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Convert various option types to a unified string.

options TFRecordOption, TFRecordCompressionType, or string.

Compression type as string (e.g. 'ZLIB', 'GZIP', or '').

ValueError If compression_type is invalid.

Class Variables

  • compression_type_map