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Holds a defined flag.

This facilitates a cleaner api around global state. Instead of

flags.DEFINE_integer('foo', ...)
flags.DEFINE_integer('bar', ...)
def method():
  # prints parsed value of 'bar' flag
  # runtime error due to typo or possibly bad coding style.

it encourages code like

FOO_FLAG = flags.DEFINE_integer('foo', ...)
BAR_FLAG = flags.DEFINE_integer('bar', ...)
def method():

since the name of the flag appears only once in the source code.

flag_values The container the flag is registered to.
flag The flag object for this flag.
ensure_non_none_value Is the value of the flag allowed to be None.

default Returns the default value of the flag.

value Returns the value of the flag.

If _ensure_non_none_value is True, then return value is not None.