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Split a SparseTensor into num_split tensors along axis. (deprecated arguments)

If the sp_input.dense_shape[axis] is not an integer multiple of num_split each slice starting from 0:shape[axis] % num_split gets extra one dimension. For example, if axis = 1 and num_split = 2 and the input is:

input_tensor = shape = [2, 7]
[    a   d e  ]
[b c          ]

Graphically the output tensors are:

output_tensor[0] =
[    a   ]
[b c     ]

output_tensor[1] =
[ d e  ]
[      ]

keyword_required Python 2 standin for * (temporary for argument reorder)
sp_input The SparseTensor to split.
num_split A Python integer. The number of ways to split.
axis A 0-D int32 Tensor. The dimension along which to split.
name A name for the operation (optional).
split_dim Deprecated old name for axis.

num_split SparseTensor objects resulting from splitting value.

TypeError If sp_input is not a SparseTensor.
ValueError If the deprecated split_dim and axis are both non None.