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Outputs a Summary protocol buffer with audio.

The summary has up to max_outputs summary values containing audio. The audio is built from tensor which must be 3-D with shape [batch_size, frames, channels] or 2-D with shape [batch_size, frames]. The values are assumed to be in the range of [-1.0, 1.0] with a sample rate of sample_rate.

The tag in the outputted Summary.Value protobufs is generated based on the name, with a suffix depending on the max_outputs setting:

  • If max_outputs is 1, the summary value tag is 'name/audio'.
  • If max_outputs is greater than 1, the summary value tags are generated sequentially as 'name/audio/0', 'name/audio/1', etc

name A name for the generated node. Will also serve as a series name in TensorBoard.
tensor A 3-D float32 Tensor of shape [batch_size, frames, channels] or a 2-D float32 Tensor of shape [batch_size, frames].
sample_rate A Scalar float32 Tensor indicating the sample rate of the signal in hertz.
max_outputs Max number of batch elements to generate audio for.
collections Optional list of ops.GraphKeys. The collections to add the summary to. Defaults to [_ops.GraphKeys.SUMMARIES]
family Optional; if provided, used as the prefix of the summary tag name, which controls the tab name used for display on Tensorboard.

A scalar Tensor of type string. The serialized Summary protocol buffer.