Computes the requested reductions over the kernel's samples.

To wit, runs the given kernel for num_steps steps, and consumes the stream of samples with the given Reducers' one_step method(s). This runs in constant memory (unless a given Reducer builds a large structure).

The driver internally composes the correct onion of WithReductions and SampleDiscardingKernel to implement the requested optionally thinned reduction; however, the kernel results of those applied Transition Kernels will not be returned. Hence, if warm-restarting reductions is desired, one should manually build the Transition Kernel onion and use tfp.experimental.mcmc.step_kernel.

An arbitrary collection of reducer can be provided, and the resulting finalized statistic(s) will be returned in an identical structure.

This function can sample from and reduce over multiple chains, in parallel. Whether or not there are multiple chains is dictated by how the kernel treats its inputs. Typically, the shape of the independent chains is shape of the result of the target_log_prob_fn used by the kernel when applied to the given current_state.

num_steps Integer or scalar Tensor representing the number of Reducer steps.
current_state Tensor or Python list of Tensors representing the current state(s) of the Markov chain(s).
previous_kernel_results A Tensor or a nested collection of Tensors. Warm-start for the auxiliary state needed by the given kernel. If not supplied, sample_fold will cold-start with kernel.bootstrap_results.
kernel An instance of tfp.mcmc.TransitionKernel which implements one step of the Markov chain.
reducer A (possibly nested) structure of Reducers to be evaluated on the kernel's samples. If no reducers are given (reducer=None), then None will be returned in place of streaming calculations.
previous_reducer_state A (possibly nested) structure of running states corresponding to the structure in reducer. For resuming streaming reduction computations begun in a previous run.
return_final_reducer_states A Python bool giving whether to return resumable final reducer states.
num_burnin_steps Integer or scalar Tensor representing the number of chain steps to take before starting to collect results. Defaults to 0 (i.e., no burn-in).
num_steps_between_results Integer or scalar Tensor representing the number of chain steps between collecting a result. Only one out of every num_steps_between_samples + 1 steps is included in the returned results. Defaults to 0 (i.e., no thinning).
parallel_iterations The number of iterations allowed to run in parallel. It must be a positive integer. See tf.while_loop for more details.
seed PRNG seed; see tfp.random.sanitize_seed for details.
name Python str name prefixed to Ops created by this function. Default value: None (i.e., 'mcmc_sample_fold').

reduction_results A (possibly nested) structure of finalized reducer statistics. The structure identically mimics that of reducer.
end_state The final state of the Markov chain(s).
final_kernel_results collections.namedtuple of internal calculations used to advance the supplied kernel. These results do not include the kernel results of WithReductions or SampleDiscardingKernel.
final_reducer_states A (possibly nested) structure of final running reducer states, if return_final_reducer_states was True. Can be used to resume streaming reductions when continuing sampling.