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Rearrange image blocks into rows.

This function can be used to implement 2D convolution as a matmul, e.g.,

tf.nn.conv2d(x, k) = tf.matmul( tf.experimental.nn.util.im2row(x), tf.reshape(k, shape=[-1, out_size])).

x Rank 3 (or more) Tensor representing 2D images.
block_shape Length-2 vector representing the block or "filter" shape.
slice_step Length-2 vector specifying the convolution stride length. Default value: (1, 1).
padding One of 'VALID' or 'SAME' (case insensitive). Default value: 'VALID'.
name Python str used to describe ops created by this function. Default value: None (i.e., 'im2col').

im2row_x batch of matrices representing subblock copies of x. Same batch shape as x but with rightmost shape: batch_shape + [oh * ow, block_shape[0] * block_shape[1] * channels], where oh = (h - block_shape[0] + 1) // slice_step[0] and ow = (w - block_shape[1] + 1) // slice_step[1] when padding = 'VALID' and oh = h and ow = w when padding = 'SAME'.
shape shape Tensor equivalent to: batch_shape + [oh, ow, block_shape[0] * block_shape[1] * channels] where oh, ow are defined as above.