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Computes a 1-D convolution of input with rank >=3 and a 3-D filter. (deprecated argument values) (deprecated argument values)

Given an input tensor of shape batch_shape + [in_width, in_channels] if data_format is "NWC", or batch_shape + [in_channels, in_width] if data_format is "NCW", and a filter / kernel tensor of shape [filter_width, in_channels, out_channels], this op reshapes the arguments to pass them to conv2d to perform the equivalent convolution operation.

Internally, this op reshapes the input tensors and invokes tf.nn.conv2d. For example, if data_format does not start with "NC", a tensor of shape batch_shape + [in_width, in_channels] is reshaped to batch_shape + [1, in_width, in_channels], and the filter is reshaped to [1, filter_width, in_channels, out_channels]. The result is then reshaped back to batch_shape + [out_width, out_channels] (where out_width is a function of the stride and padding as in conv2d) and returned to the caller.

value A Tensor of rank at least 3. Must be of type float16, float32, or float64.
filters A Tensor of rank at least 3. Must have the same type as value.
stride An int or list of ints that has length 1 or 3. The number of entries by which the filter is moved right at each step.
padding 'SAME' or 'VALID'
use_cudnn_on_gpu An optional bool. Defaults to True.
data_format An optional string from "NWC", "NCW". Defaults to "NWC", the data is stored in the order of batch_shape + [in_width, in_channels]. The "NCW" format stores data as batch_shape + [in_channels, in_width].
name A name for the operation (optional).
input Alias for value.
dilations An int or list of ints that has length 1 or 3 which defaults to 1. The dilation factor for each dimension of input. If set to k > 1, there will be k-1 skipped cells between each filter element on that dimension. Dilations in the batch and depth dimensions must be 1.

A Tensor. Has the same type as input.

ValueError if data_format is invalid.