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Returns a list of files that match the given pattern(s).

The patterns are defined as strings. Supported patterns are defined here. Note that the pattern can be a Python iteratable of string patterns.

The format definition of the pattern is:

pattern: { term }


  • '*': matches any sequence of non-'/' characters
  • '?': matches a single non-'/' character
  • '[' [ '^' ] { match-list } ']': matches any single character (not) on the list
  • c: matches character c where c != '*', '?', '\\', '['
  • '\\' c: matches character c

character range:

  • c: matches character c while c != '\\', '-', ']'
  • '\\' c: matches character c
  • lo '-' hi: matches character c for lo <= c <= hi

# For example, ['']"__init__.??")
# As above
files = {"*.py"}
the_iterator = iter(files)
# As above

See the C++ function GetMatchingPaths in core/platform/file_system.h for implementation details.

pattern string or iterable of strings. The glob pattern(s).

A list of strings containing filenames that match the given pattern(s).

errors.OpError If there are filesystem / directory listing errors.