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Builds a queue out of a data generator.

Inherits From: SequenceEnqueuer

The provided generator can be finite in which case the class will throw a StopIteration exception.

Used in fit_generator, evaluate_generator, predict_generator.

generator a generator function which yields data
use_multiprocessing use multiprocessing if True, otherwise threading
wait_time time to sleep in-between calls to put()
random_seed Initial seed for workers, will be incremented by one for each worker.



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Creates a generator to extract data from the queue.

Skip the data if it is None.


The next element in the queue, i.e. a tuple (inputs, targets) or (inputs, targets, sample_weights).


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Starts the handler's workers.

workers Number of workers.
max_queue_size queue size (when full, workers could block on put())


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Stops running threads and wait for them to exit, if necessary.

Should be called by the same thread which called start().

timeout maximum time to wait on thread.join()