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Starts all queue runners collected in the graph. (deprecated)

    sess=None, coord=None, daemon=True, start=True,

This is a companion method to add_queue_runner(). It just starts threads for all queue runners collected in the graph. It returns the list of all threads.


  • sess: Session used to run the queue ops. Defaults to the default session.
  • coord: Optional Coordinator for coordinating the started threads.
  • daemon: Whether the threads should be marked as daemons, meaning they don't block program exit.
  • start: Set to False to only create the threads, not start them.
  • collection: A GraphKey specifying the graph collection to get the queue runners from. Defaults to GraphKeys.QUEUE_RUNNERS.


  • ValueError: if sess is None and there isn't any default session.
  • TypeError: if sess is not a tf.compat.v1.Session object.


A list of threads.


  • RuntimeError: If called with eager execution enabled.
  • ValueError: If called without a default tf.compat.v1.Session registered.

Eager Compatibility

Not compatible with eager execution. To ingest data under eager execution, use the API instead.