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Convert a model using TOCO. (deprecated)

    input_data, input_tensors, output_tensors, *args, **kwargs

Typically this function is used to convert from TensorFlow GraphDef to TFLite. Conversion can be customized by providing arguments that are forwarded to build_toco_convert_protos (see documentation for details). This function has been deprecated. Please use lite.TFLiteConverter instead.


  • input_data: Input data (i.e. often sess.graph_def),
  • input_tensors: List of input tensors. Type and shape are computed using foo.shape and foo.dtype.
  • output_tensors: List of output tensors (only .name is used from this).
  • *args: See build_toco_convert_protos,
  • **kwargs: See build_toco_convert_protos.


The converted data. For example if TFLite was the destination, then this will be a tflite flatbuffer in a bytes array.


Defined in build_toco_convert_protos.