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Replaces all the variables in a graph with constants of the same values. (deprecated)

    sess, input_graph_def, output_node_names, variable_names_whitelist=None,

If you have a trained graph containing Variable ops, it can be convenient to convert them all to Const ops holding the same values. This makes it possible to describe the network fully with a single GraphDef file, and allows the removal of a lot of ops related to loading and saving the variables.


  • sess: Active TensorFlow session containing the variables.
  • input_graph_def: GraphDef object holding the network.
  • output_node_names: List of name strings for the result nodes of the graph.
  • variable_names_whitelist: The set of variable names to convert (by default, all variables are converted).
  • variable_names_blacklist: The set of variable names to omit converting to constants.


GraphDef containing a simplified version of the original.