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Assert the condition x > 0 holds element-wise.

    x, message=None, summarize=None, name=None

This Op checks that x[i] > 0 holds for every element of x. If x is empty, this is trivially satisfied.

If x is not positive everywhere, message, as well as the first summarize entries of x are printed, and InvalidArgumentError is raised.


  • x: Numeric Tensor.
  • message: A string to prefix to the default message.
  • summarize: Print this many entries of each tensor.
  • name: A name for this operation (optional). Defaults to "assert_positive".


Op raising InvalidArgumentError unless x is all positive. This can be used with tf.control_dependencies inside of tf.functions to block followup computation until the check has executed.


  • InvalidArgumentError: if the check can be performed immediately and x[i] > 0 is False. The check can be performed immediately during eager execution or if x is statically known.

Eager Compatibility

returns None