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Returns MetaGraphDef proto.

    filename=None, meta_info_def=None, graph_def=None, saver_def=None,
    collection_list=None, as_text=False, graph=None, export_scope=None,
    clear_devices=False, clear_extraneous_savers=False, strip_default_attrs=False,
    save_debug_info=False, **kwargs

Optionally writes it to filename.

This function exports the graph, saver, and collection objects into MetaGraphDef protocol buffer with the intention of it being imported at a later time or location to restart training, run inference, or be a subgraph.


  • filename: Optional filename including the path for writing the generated MetaGraphDef protocol buffer.
  • meta_info_def: MetaInfoDef protocol buffer.
  • graph_def: GraphDef protocol buffer.
  • saver_def: SaverDef protocol buffer.
  • collection_list: List of string keys to collect.
  • as_text: If True, writes the MetaGraphDef as an ASCII proto.
  • graph: The Graph to export. If None, use the default graph.
  • export_scope: Optional string. Name scope under which to extract the subgraph. The scope name will be striped from the node definitions for easy import later into new name scopes. If None, the whole graph is exported. graph_def and export_scope cannot both be specified.
  • clear_devices: Whether or not to clear the device field for an Operation or Tensor during export.
  • clear_extraneous_savers: Remove any Saver-related information from the graph (both Save/Restore ops and SaverDefs) that are not associated with the provided SaverDef.
  • strip_default_attrs: Boolean. If True, default-valued attributes will be removed from the NodeDefs. For a detailed guide, see Stripping Default-Valued Attributes.
  • save_debug_info: If True, save the GraphDebugInfo to a separate file, which in the same directory of filename and with _debug added before the file extend.
  • **kwargs: Optional keyed arguments.


A MetaGraphDef proto.


  • ValueError: When the GraphDef is larger than 2GB.
  • RuntimeError: If called with eager execution enabled.

Eager Compatibility

Exporting/importing meta graphs is not supported unless both graph_def and graph are provided. No graph exists when eager execution is enabled.