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Downloads a file from a URL if it not already in the cache.

    fname, origin, untar=False, md5_hash=None, file_hash=None,
    cache_subdir='datasets', hash_algorithm='auto', extract=False,
    archive_format='auto', cache_dir=None

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By default the file at the url origin is downloaded to the cache_dir ~/.keras, placed in the cache_subdir datasets, and given the filename fname. The final location of a file example.txt would therefore be ~/.keras/datasets/example.txt.

Files in tar, tar.gz,, and zip formats can also be extracted. Passing a hash will verify the file after download. The command line programs shasum and sha256sum can compute the hash.


  • fname: Name of the file. If an absolute path /path/to/file.txt is specified the file will be saved at that location.
  • origin: Original URL of the file.
  • untar: Deprecated in favor of 'extract'. boolean, whether the file should be decompressed
  • md5_hash: Deprecated in favor of 'file_hash'. md5 hash of the file for verification
  • file_hash: The expected hash string of the file after download. The sha256 and md5 hash algorithms are both supported.
  • cache_subdir: Subdirectory under the Keras cache dir where the file is saved. If an absolute path /path/to/folder is specified the file will be saved at that location.
  • hash_algorithm: Select the hash algorithm to verify the file. options are 'md5', 'sha256', and 'auto'. The default 'auto' detects the hash algorithm in use.
  • extract: True tries extracting the file as an Archive, like tar or zip.
  • archive_format: Archive format to try for extracting the file. Options are 'auto', 'tar', 'zip', and None. 'tar' includes tar, tar.gz, and files. The default 'auto' is ['tar', 'zip']. None or an empty list will return no matches found.
  • cache_dir: Location to store cached files, when None it defaults to the Keras Directory.


Path to the downloaded file