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Returns input function that would feed Pandas DataFrame into the model.

    x, y=None, batch_size=128, num_epochs=1, shuffle=None, queue_capacity=1000,
    num_threads=1, target_column='target'


  • x: pandas DataFrame object.
  • y: pandas Series object or DataFrame. None if absent.
  • batch_size: int, size of batches to return.
  • num_epochs: int, number of epochs to iterate over data. If not None, read attempts that would exceed this value will raise OutOfRangeError.
  • shuffle: bool, whether to read the records in random order.
  • queue_capacity: int, size of the read queue. If None, it will be set roughly to the size of x.
  • num_threads: Integer, number of threads used for reading and enqueueing. In order to have predicted and repeatable order of reading and enqueueing, such as in prediction and evaluation mode, num_threads should be 1.
  • target_column: str, name to give the target column y. This parameter is not used when y is a DataFrame.


Function, that has signature of ()->(dict of features, target)


  • ValueError: if x already contains a column with the same name as y, or if the indexes of x and y don't match.
  • ValueError: if 'shuffle' is not provided or a bool.