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Clips tensor values to a specified min and max.

Given a tensor t, this operation returns a tensor of the same type and shape as t with its values clipped to clip_value_min and clip_value_max. Any values less than clip_value_min are set to clip_value_min. Any values greater than clip_value_max are set to clip_value_max.

For example:

A = tf.constant([[1, 20, 13], [3, 21, 13]])
B = tf.clip_by_value(A, clip_value_min=0, clip_value_max=3) # [[1, 3, 3],[3, 3, 3]]
C = tf.clip_by_value(A, clip_value_min=0., clip_value_max=3.) # throws `TypeError`
as input and clip_values are of different dtype

t A Tensor or IndexedSlices.
clip_value_min A 0-D (scalar) Tensor, or a Tensor with the same shape as t. The minimum value to clip by.
clip_value_max A 0-D (scalar) Tensor, or a Tensor with the same shape as t. The maximum value to clip by.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A clipped Tensor or IndexedSlices.

ValueError If the clip tensors would trigger array broadcasting that would make the returned tensor larger than the input.
TypeError If dtype of the input is int32 and dtype of the clip_value_min' orclip_value_maxisfloat32`