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Casts a tensor to type complex128. (deprecated)

Migrate to TF2

This name was deprecated and removed in TF2, but has an exact replacement tf.cast(..., tf.complex128). There are no further issues with eager execution or tf.function.


tf.compat.v1.to_complex128(tf.constant(1. + 2.j, dtype=tf.complex64))
<tf.Tensor: shape=(), dtype=complex128, numpy=(1+2j)>


tf.cast(tf.constant(1. + 2.j, dtype=tf.complex64), tf.complex128)
<tf.Tensor: shape=(), dtype=complex128, numpy=(1+2j)>


x A Tensor or SparseTensor or IndexedSlices.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A Tensor or SparseTensor or IndexedSlices with same shape as x with type complex128.

TypeError If x cannot be cast to the complex128.