Base class for recurrent layers.

Inherits From: Layer, Module

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See the Keras RNN API guide for details about the usage of RNN API.

cell A RNN cell instance or a list of RNN cell instances. A RNN cell is a class that has:

  • A call(input_at_t, states_at_t) method, returning (output_at_t, states_at_t_plus_1). The call method of the cell can also take the optional argument constants, see section "Note on passing external constants" below.
  • A state_size attribute. This can be a single integer (single state) in which case it is the size of the recurrent state. This can also be a list/tuple of integers (one size per state). The state_size can also be TensorShape or tuple/list of TensorShape, to represent high dimension state.
  • A output_size attribute. This can be a single integer or a TensorShape, which represent the shape of the output. For backward compatible reason, if this attribute is not available for the cell, the value will be inferred by the first element of the state_size.
  • A get_initial_state(inputs=None, batch_size=None, dtype=None) method that creates a tensor meant to be fed to call() as the initial state, if the user didn't specify any initial state via other means. The returned initial state should have a shape of [batch_size, cell.state_size]. The cell might choose to create a tensor full of zeros, or full of other values based on the cell's implementation. inputs is the input tensor to the RNN layer, which should contain the batch size as its shape[0], and also dtype. Note that the shape[0] might be None during the graph construction. Either the