Transforms input_dataset containing Example protos as vectors of DT_STRING into a dataset of Tensor or SparseTensor objects representing the parsed features.

input_dataset A Tensor of type variant.
num_parallel_calls A Tensor of type int64.
dense_defaults A list of Tensor objects with types from: float32, int64, string. A dict mapping string keys to Tensors. The keys of the dict must match the dense_keys of the feature.
sparse_keys A list of strings. A list of string keys in the examples features. The results for these keys will be returned as SparseTensor objects.
dense_keys A list of strings. A list of Ndense string Tensors (scalars). The keys expected in the Examples features associated with dense values.
sparse_types A list of tf.DTypes from: tf.float32, tf.int64, tf.string. A list of DTypes of the same length as sparse_keys. Only tf.float32 (FloatList), tf.int64 (Int64List), and tf.string (BytesList) are supported.
dense_shapes A list of shapes (each a tf.TensorShape or list of ints). List of tuples with the same length as dense_keys. The shape of the data for each dense feature referenced by dense_keys. Required for any input tensors identified by dense_keys. Must be either fully defined, or may contain an unkno