Computes the singular value decompositions of one or more matrices.

Computes the SVD of each inner matrix in tensor such that tensor[..., :, :] = u[..., :, :] * diag(s[..., :, :]) * transpose(conj(v[..., :, :]))

# a is a tensor.
# s is a tensor of singular values.
# u is a tensor of left singular vectors.
# v is a tensor of right singular vectors.
s, u, v = svd(a)
s = svd(a, compute_uv=False)

tensor Tensor of shape [..., M, N]. Let P be the minimum of M and N.
full_matrices If true, compute full-sized u and v. If false (the default), compute only the leading P singular vectors. Ignored if compute_uv is False.
compute_uv If True then left and right singular vectors will be computed and returned in u and v, respectively. Otherwise, only the singular values will be computed, which can be significantly faster.
name string, optional name of the operation.

s Singular values. Shape is [..., P]. The values are sorted in reverse order of magnitude, so s[..., 0] is the largest value, s[..., 1] is the second largest, etc.
u Left singular vectors. If full_matrices is False (default) then shape is [..., M, P]; if full_matrices is True then shape is [..., M, M]. Not returned if compute_uv is False.
v Right singular vectors. If f