An in-process TensorFlow server, for use in distributed training.

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A tf.distribute.Server instance encapsulates a set of devices and a tf.compat.v1.Session target that can participate in distributed training. A server belongs to a cluster (specified by a tf.train.ClusterSpec), and corresponds to a particular task in a named job. The server can communicate with any other server in the same cluster.

server_or_cluster_def A tf.train.ServerDef or tf.train.ClusterDef protocol buffer, or a tf.train.ClusterSpec object, describing the server to be created and/or the cluster of which it is a member.
job_name (Optional.) Specifies the name of the job of which the server is a member. Defaults to the value in server_or_cluster_def, if specified.
task_index (Optional.) Specifies the task index of the server in its job. Defaults to the value in server_or_cluster_def, if specified. Otherwise defaults to 0 if the server's job has only one task.
protocol (Optional.) Specifies the protocol to be used by the server. Acceptable values include