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A class to write records to a TFRecords file.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

TFRecords tutorial

TFRecords is a binary format which is optimized for high throughput data retrieval, generally in conjunction with TFRecordWriter is used to write serialized examples to a file for later consumption. The key steps are:

Ahead of time:

A minimal example is given below:

import tempfile
example_path = os.path.join(tempfile.gettempdir(), "example.tfrecords")
# Write the records to a file.
with as file_writer:
  for _ in range(4):
    x, y = np.random.random(), np.random.random()

    record_bytes = tf.train.Example(features=tf.train.Features(feature={
        "x": tf.train.Feature(float_list=tf.train.FloatList(value=[x])),
        "y": tf.train.Feature(float_list=tf.train.FloatList(value=[y])),
# Read the data back out.
def decode_fn(record_bytes):
      # Data

      # Schema
      {"x":[], dtype=tf.float32),
       "y":[], dtype=tf.float32)}
for batch in[example_path]).map(decode_fn):
  print("x = {x:.4f},  y = {y:.4f}".format(**batch))
x = 0.5488,  y = 0.7152
x = 0.6028,  y = 0.5449
x = 0.4237,  y = 0.6459
x = 0.4376,  y = 0.8918

This class implements __enter__ and __exit__, and can be used in with blocks like a normal file. (See the usage example above.)

path The path to the TFRecords file.
options (optional) String specifying compression type, TFRecordCompressionType, or TFRecordOptions object.

IOError If