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Class GlobalMaxPool1D

Global max pooling operation for temporal data.


  • Class tf.compat.v1.keras.layers.GlobalMaxPool1D
  • Class tf.compat.v1.keras.layers.GlobalMaxPooling1D
  • Class tf.compat.v2.keras.layers.GlobalMaxPool1D
  • Class tf.compat.v2.keras.layers.GlobalMaxPooling1D
  • Class tf.keras.layers.GlobalMaxPooling1D

Used in the guide:


  • data_format: A string, one of channels_last (default) or channels_first. The ordering of the dimensions in the inputs. channels_last corresponds to inputs with shape (batch, steps, features) while channels_first corresponds to inputs with shape (batch, features, steps).

Input shape:

  • If data_format='channels_last': 3D tensor with shape: (batch_size, steps, features)
  • If data_format='channels_first': 3D tensor with shape: (batch_size, features, steps)

Output shape:

2D tensor with shape (batch_size, features).


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