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Extracts the average gradient in the given ConditionalAccumulator.

The op blocks until sufficient (i.e., more than num_required) gradients have been accumulated. If the accumulator has already aggregated more than num_required gradients, it returns the average of the accumulated gradients. Also automatically increments the recorded global_step in the accumulator by 1, and resets the aggregate to 0.

handle A Tensor of type resource. The handle to an accumulator.
num_required A Tensor of type int32. Number of gradients required before we return an aggregate.
dtype A tf.DType from: tf.float32, tf.float64, tf.int32, tf.uint8, tf.int16, tf.int8, tf.complex64, tf.int64, tf.qint8, tf.quint8, tf.qint32, tf.bfloat16, tf.uint16, tf.complex128, tf.half, tf.uint32, tf.uint64. The data type of accumulated gradients. Needs to correspond to the type of the accumulator.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A Tensor of type dtype.